DEPARTURE TIME When you arive
WEAR any
4WDLong based ToYOTA LandCruser Fule and Driver’s allawnce
Park Enterance fees Boat at Lake Hawassa
Park Enterance fees Boat at Lake Hawassa
Park Enterance fees Boat at Lake Hawassa
Any alcholic bevarge
AnyPersonal Expenses such as Laundary service, Internet serivice.
Arrive at airport and transferred by  Milly Ethiopia Tours  to Hotel

We drive 270 km to Hawassa, on the way,we will visit the outsatnding lake  Langano , and Abyatta shala National park, where we could see many aquatic birds such as pied kingfisher,African kingfishr, egeptian goose,  Ostrichs and mamals such as warthogs, Gazzles and will take a boat to see Hippos.

Overnight Hotel

Head 330km  (south west of Hawassa), to Chebera-churchra National park.

On this day  Search for lion, leopard, diker, Africans elephents, and  Cape Buffallos   , and farthure more,37 large mamals have been recoreded in the park

overnight  lodge

237 species of birds have been recorded in the different habitats (Highland & Rverine forest and savanna and bush lands) of the park. White-cliff chat, banded-barbet, wattled ibis, black-headed forest Oriole and thick billed Raven are endemic birds for the country.
The park comprises unique and attractive mountain closed forest, closed tall-grassed savannah habitat, thick woodland forest. The landscape very fascinating highly rugged, undulating to rolling plains there a number of hilly & mountainous land which the whole year covered by vegetations. A number of cold & hot springs, historical caves, the Meka Forest (which is always with African Elephants). The park is the best site to see the African Elephants, and Buffalo.

Overnight Lodge

Drive 480km back to Addis Ababa.


Extension Tour

Day 07 and 08, Drive Mazi National Park

The Park is covered by savannah grassland with scattered deciduous broad leave trees as well as Riverbasine association along the main watercourses. The Wild animal of the MzNPsupports a wide range of savannah species. So far 39 larger and medium sized mammals and 196 birds’ species have been recorded. It is one of the three sites in the world where good population of the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest’s population still survive. Besides, orbi, Bohor red buck, buffalo, warthog, bushbuck, waterbuck, greater kudu, lesser kudu, bush pig, Anubus baboon, vervet monkey, lion, leopard, wild cats, serval cat are among others common specie The landscape of MzNP is surrounded by interesting high rugged mountain ranges, escarpment and small hills. The landscape is breathtaking and important for sustainable eco-tourism development. The MzNP and the surrounding area have different natural, cultural and historical attractions such as Bilbo Hot Springs, Wenja Stone Cave, “Kaouwa Wella”(Yeniguse Warka),
Bilbo/Halo Hot Spring: is situated at the upper parts of Maze River in the park It is a form of geyser, which shoot up hot water from deep in side the ground. The smoke released from this hot spring, cover wide area and seen from a distance. People from far areas and local people used it atraditionalmedicine.
Wenja Stone Cave: Natural rock cave that can hold up to 300 people. According to legends, in the past, the site was used to punish criminal/ unlawful member of the community.
Religious Site in Chosho Market: There are two oldest big trees in Chosho Market. These trees are believed as justice giving (court) by the locals residence for any disagreement that may arise among them. The site is locally called “Kaouwo welloa” meaning the king’s tree.

Overnight camping

For the regular 6 Day tour

Single perso $2,219 USD
Two people $1,700USD per person
Three people $1,500USD per person and based on the Number of travllers, the price will be re-arranged.

For Two Day’s Extension Tour Tour price:

Single person $400 US Dollar
Two people $180USD  per Person
Three people 140 USD per Person

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February 4, 2017

Our trip was great with you and we got beatiful memories and pictures. Thanks again, you were very helpful in many situtaions. If ever somebody is travling to Ethiopia from Finland, I will recommend your servicies. All the best, Sami

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