Experiance unlimited happiness in birding!

No of count birds through the tour more than 400 species of birds Locations= Addis Ababa, Menagesha suba -forest, Lake Zeway,  Lake Hawassa, Wondo Genet, Bale Nationa Park, Awash N.Park.

Geography Passing through the islated mountain Massive,highlands, Amazing Rift valleys and its series of important lakes.
Climate The western lowlands can also reach50 degree celecieus,
Denakil Depression has an average monthly figure of 45 dgree celeciues in April- September due to high night-time tempreture and the lowest mean tempreture is 4 dgreee celecues at 4620 m in the Simien Mountains.
DEPARTURE TIME When you arive
RETURN TIME 12 days and 11 nights
WEAR any
4WDLong based ToYOTA LandCruser Fule and Driver’s allawnce
Donation to Born Free foundation (wildlife rescue center) Scout and local Guides, Enternace fee for Parks
Meals go through the itnerary, Accommdations=   very clean , Hot shower,internet avaliblity ,Satelite TV bed rooms Hotels.
Any Govermental tax
Any alcholic bevarge
AnyPersonal Expenses such as Laundary service, Internet serivice.

Arrive at Addis Ababa and transfer to the Hotel

Drive to Lake Babogaya  and Hora: Special activites: Walking along lakeside and searching for aqui-birds such as Malachite king fisher,Pied kingfisher, woodlandkingfisher,African king fisher, Little Bee -eater  and many more etc.

Over night Hotel.

In the morning at 6: 30, Drive and walk throgh the park, search for birds such as Common ostrich, Greater  flamingo,saddle-billed stork,white plicans, Hamer kop ,Ethiopian cliff swallow ( Endemic  to Ethiopia)and so many others .

This day We will drive to the Amazing and beautfull twon,  Hawassa where we could see,  So many birds like,Goliath Heron,Greater Egret, Black winged love bird (Endemic to Ethiopia and Eritrea),Slivery-cheeked hornbill, Double-toothed Barbet and  take a boat  trip to see the hippos,etc.

Overnight Hotel

Drive to Wondo Genet,where, we ‘ll see Whitecollaredpigeon,Rouget’s Rail (Endemic to Ethi and Erit),CommonMoorhen,wattled lbis(Endemic to Ethi and Erit) , late afternoon, After luch, we will drive to Wondo Gente, where you can take a break and enjoy in natural minerial Hot spring water, which is belived natural healer from different diseases. over night Hotel at wondo Genet.

Overnight Hotel

We ‘ll walk On the plateau sighhtings of endemics ( the blue winged goose, black watted ibis,thick billed raven,Abyssinnian long claw, Black headed sisiken, Spot- brreasted ,Roughet’s Rail, and  try to spot the elusive Abyssinian Cat bird, and Yellow fronted parrots  and over all tour of the day,  Over night Hotel

On this day, we will search for some wildlife  such as:Menlick bushbuch, the giant molerate,grey duiker,Bohor reedbucks,warthogs, serval cats,bamboo-eating Bale monkey.

Over night Hotel

Drive to Awash,  On this day, we will have

More than 400 bird species to observe ,among them six endemics; The Banded Barbet, Golden- backed woodpecker,white-winged cliff chat,white tailed starling,thick billed raven, and wattled ibis among other.two espically good spots to observe birds are around Filwoha Hot Spring and around  the camping grounds near Awash River, where doves, barbets and hoopes are all seen. Near the river itself, kingfishers and Bee -eater are found. on the plains, Bustards are quite easily spotted, and sometimes Secretary birds and ostriches.Among the many raptors are tawny and fish eagles, dark chanting goshawks and pygmy and lanner Falcon. Over night Hotel

Drive to Addis Ababa,  and  23 kilo meter away to the west,visiting the lonley Modle wildlife rehabiltaton center( Born Free Foundation ,Ethiopia), the prittey wildlife rescue Center which is running “ to keep the wildlife in the Wild’’ where we could see Seven rescued lions, 11 cheethas,Olive baboons,Hammrday’s Baboon, and 14 endemics birds are recorded in the center either.   Before  you go to Home , you will be invited to one of the Best Ethiopian Tranditonal Restaurant where you will enjoy with divrese cultural dance, traditonal food.


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February 4, 2017

I was twice in Ethiopia, a fantastic country, I love it! I can strongly recomend the guide Million Genta, he’s was a great guide and we became friends. His english is good and he’s a kind a funny person. First time we spend 3 weeks together: from Erta Ale to the Omo Valley by car. Second time we went to Borena for 10 days to help poeple there. It was a pleasure and he made my tour just great. I wouldn’t recomend to travel without a guide
Rolf Muller , Brazil

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