An Accommodated Safari through Ethiopia from Addis Ababa to Addis Ababa,

Groups travel in 4 seater Toyota Landcruises(no more than 5 vehicles per group)
Highlights Itinerary
Addis Ababa, rock-hewn church of Adadi Mariam, Melka Kunture prehistoric site, stelea
field of Tiya (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Lake Langano, Nech Sar National Park, boat
cruise on Lake Chamo, Jinka, Mago National park, Turmi, Omo Rate, Multiple villages in
the Lower Omo Valley, Murelle, Korcho, Wendo Genet, Lake Awassa, crater lakes of
Bishoftu, Dorze tribal village, Mursi, Hamer, Bena, Temai, Ari, Karo, Dassenech, Borena,
Sidama, Omo valley tribal Markets.
This tour is possible all year round, and departs daily with a minimum of 1 guest.
Included in the price
Vehicles on tour: minibuses/buses in Addis Ababa and Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD for the
southern regions with capacity of 4 people per vehicle
4* hotel in Addis Ababa on Bed and breakfast basis and 2-3* hotels out of Addis Ababa
on Full bard basis in double/twin room occupancy

Meals out of Addis Ababa including non-alcoholic drinks during meals
Farewell dinner in Addis Ababa on last evening
Professional English Guide(s) plus local guides where required
Entrances fees
Boat use on Lake Chamo as per program
Government taxes
Not included in the price:
Drinks, lunch and dinner in Addis Ababa (except farewell dinner party)
Alcoholic drinks and other drinks not included with meals throughout the tour
Any flights, including departure fees, airports porters and taxes
Tips & all personal expenses (souvenirs, laundry etc)
Meal Key
B – Breakfast L – Lunch D – Dinner

DEPARTURE TIME When you arive
WEAR any
4WDLong based ToYOTA LandCruser Fule and Driver’s allawnce
Park Enterance fees English Speaking Driver Guide
Mule’s hire,Cook, Scout fee Camping and Hotel, and meals ( Full board basis) Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Any Govermental tax
Any alcholic bevarge
AnyPersonal Expenses such as Laundary service, Internet serivice.

You will be met on arrival at the airport and transferred to your hotel.
Accommodation: Global or other similar 4* hotel on Bed and Breakfast basis

Drive south to the Rift Valley lake of Langano, visiting the rock-hewn church of Adadi
Mariam that is believed to be the Southern most church founded by King Lalibela, the
pre-historic archeological site of Melka Kunture, and the stelea field of Tiya (UNESCO
World Heritage Site). At Lake Langano you will have time to admire the wonderful views,
pelicans, flamingoes, and take a swim.
Accommodation: Sabana Beach Resort or similar on full board basis

We travel 300km south to Arba Minch, passing through various Wolayta villages. We will
visit the tribal people of Alaba who are noted for their beautifully painted houses, Wolita
(known for their cultivation of Enset or False Banana) and Dorze (renowned for their huge
huts and colourful cotton clothes).
Accommodation: Paradise Lodge, or similar on full board basis

We take a morning visit of the Nech Sar National Park, sanctuary of the endemic Swains
Hartebeest, Burchil’s Zebra, Grants Gazelle and also endemic birds such as the thickbilled
raven, the Wattled ibis and the mysterious Nech Sar nightjar. In the afternoon take
a boat cruise on the rift valley lake of Chamo to look for low land water birds, hippos and
crocodiles with a length that reaches 6 meters.
Accommodation: Paradise Lodge, or similar on full board basis

Today we drive 275km to Jinka, admiring the villagesof the Konso people
(renowned for their colourful hand-woven cotton clothes and beautiful rock terraces)
along the way.
Accommodation: Jinka Resort Hotel on full board basis

Enter into the Mago National park to visit the Mursi people and villages. The beautiful
women of Mursi are typically known for their clay lip plates, where the practice is
regarded as a sign of beauty among the Mursi – the bigger the plate, the more beautiful
the wearer. Return to Jinka to visit the Cultural Museum of the People of the Lower Omo
Accommodation: Jinka Resort Hotel on full board basis

Depart for Turmi – the village of the Hamer people. Here the women are noted for their
unique hairstyles and their leather skirts, where the males are known for their ‘Bull
Jumping’ ceremony. During this ceremony, boys jump lines of bulls to show the
community that they have matured enough to carry the responsibility of marriage.
Accommodation: Buska Lodge or similar on full board basis

This morning you will take an excursion to Omo Rate lying east of the Omo River. Here we
visit the Dasenech people – known for their sacrifications, and also for being the
southernmost people of Ethiopia.
Stopping for a picnic lunch at Murelle, we head to Korcho – the village of the Karo
Accommodation: Buska Lodge or similar on full board basis

Departing the Lower Omo Valley, we make our way to Yabello, with a stop at the
villages of the nomadic people of Erbore, before admiring the agricultural traditions of
the Konso.
Accommodation: Yabello Motel on full board basis

Today we drive 380km north to Wondo Genet along the highway stretching to Kenya.
During the journey we visit the Sidama people (noted for their cultivation of enset) and
Lake Awassa, finally reaching the natural hot water spring in Wondo Genet, where you
can enjoy a swim and make use of the apparent medicinal value of the water!
Accommodation: Wabishebele Hotel or similar on full board basis

We return to Addis Ababa, stopping to admire the crater lakes of Bishoftu, and to visit the
Oromo people – the largest ethnic group in the country (30% of Ethiopias total

population!) After lunch we will continue the day with a sightseeing tour of Addis, which
includes a visit to the National Archeological Museum of Addis Ababa (where you can
find Lucy – the oldest remains of humankind at 3.25 million years old), as well as Merkato
– the largest open air market in Africa. Finally we drive to Mt. Entoto to enjoy a
panoramic view of Addis, at 1,200 meters above sea level.
Tonight – your last evening in Ethiopia, you will be treated to a traditional dinner with
folkloristic dancing, before being transferred back to the international airport for your
evening flight home.


This morning we drive to the world famous Bale Mountains National Park.
During our visit, we hope to see some of the unique birdlife resident in the park such as
the colorful Chestnut-naped Francolin, Ground scraper Thrush, the secretive Abyssinian
Ground-Thrush, vocal Abyssinian Catbird, and the endemic White-backed Black-Tit. We
also hope to see a variety of mammals, including Mountain Nyala – now entirely
restricted to the Bale Mountain massif, Menelik’s Bushbuck and Warthog, unusual at this
high altitude. On departure we continue onto Goba for our overnight stop.
Accommodation: Goba Wabishebele Hotel or similar on full board basis

Departing early in the morning, we ascend the Bale massif onto the Sanetti Plateau,
which ranges between 3800m and 4377m above sea level. Once we reach this unique
plateau, we will be driving on Africa’s highest road, passing close to the summit of
Ethiopia’s second highest mountain. This habitat is termed “Afro-alpine moorland”, and is
characterized by Jibrra or Giant Lobelias, which tower like monolithic giants over the rich
tussock grasslands and extensive cushions of yellow Everlasting flowers. This site is an
Important Bird Area supporting seven globally threatened species and nearly all of
Ethiopia’s Highland biome species. The grasslands are estimated to support an incredible
biomass of 4,000kg of rodents per hectare, obviously attracting an array of raptors and
we should see Steppe and Golden Eagle, Augur Buzzard and elegant Pallid Harriers
courting over this green sea. They share this abundant food source with the plateau’s
most celebrated resident, the Ethiopian or Simien Wolf, crowned with the unenviable title
of “the world’s rarest canid.” We will enjoy excellent photographic opportunities in this
unique mountain wonderland. Finally, we will reach the escarpment of this elevated
plateau and look down, through the clouds, at the vast Harenna Forest below. This
remarkable forest is the largest intact forest block in Ethiopia and the largest protected
Afro-alpine forest on the continent. It still supports populations of lion and the only
surviving forest-dwelling African Wild Dogs. Although unlikely that we will see either of

these species, the descent through this breathtakingly beautiful moss-draped forest is
We return in the afternoon to Goba.
Accommodation: Goba Wabishebele Hotel or similar on full board basis

After breakfast we depart for Lake Awassa, where we will enjoy watching several water
bird species in and around the lake, and the ever spectacular sunset.
Accommodation: Taddesse Enjori Hotel (4*) or similar on full board basis

We take some time to explore the fish market at the shores of Lake Awassa, before
driving back to Addis past the chains of the Rift Valley Lakes of Langano, Abiyatta, Shalla
and Ziwy.
The remainder of the afternoon is free in Addis, before you partake in a farewell dinner
party at one of the best traditional restaurants in the city, where you will see the folkloric
dances of the Ethiopian people, and taste the variety of meals from this vast country.
After your meal, you will be transferred back to the international airport for your evening
flight home.

Single person 3,600USDollar
2-3 person $ 2,300 USD per Person
4-8person 2,100USD per Person

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