The Hamer

The Hamer , who number around 50,000,are subsistence agropatoralists.They cultivate sorghum, vegetable, millet, tobacco and cotton, as well as rear cattle and goats. wild honey is an impotant part of their diet.

The people are particularly known for their remarkable hairstyle. The women mix together ochre, water and a blinding resin before rubbing it into their hair.

They are also considerd master of body decoration. Every adorment has an imporatant symblic significantce: earring, for example,denote the number of wives a man has.

The women wear iron coils around arms and bead necklaces, and decorate their skin with cowrie shells,The ensente(iron torques) worn around the necks of married and engaged women indicate the wealth and prestige of their husband.unmarried girls wear a metal plate in their hair that looks a bit like a platypus bill.


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